Rooms Hotel Amsterdam Centre | Hotel Citadel

Modern rooms equipped with all modern amenities

Hotel Citadel is situated in a characteristic Amsterdam building. The rooms are comfortably furnished with surprising touches. A fantastic way to relax after a day in the lively center of Amsterdam. The rooms either have a view on the street with historic buildings or on the quiet courtyard. They are equipped with all modern amenities.

Our Highland Mansions are absolutely perfect for anyone that enjoys a more spacious room, you need the extra space to fit all your fabulous outfits or simply because you like the possibility to retreat from all the excitement every now and then. Next to that, they have cosy seating areas to have a coffee or tea, do some work, research the possibilities that our fantastic city holds, or talk about what you’ve already experienced that day. The average size of a Highland Mansion is 23 square meter. The boutique style interior will make sure you feel at home, yet pampered.

Our Quilt Townhouses are absolutely perfect for anyone that enjoys a more spacious room. The average size of a Comfort sized room is 19 square meter. The heart and soul of the room is a lush king size bed that’ll make you never want to leave your room again. And to top it all off, all Quilt Townhouses have an open plan, walk-in rain shower that’ll make you feel completely regenerated and ready for whatever’s up next.

If the city of Amsterdam will be your home for the duration of your stay, our Scottish Cottages will provide you with everything you can wish for. The rooms are cosy, about the size of a regular bedroom (14 square meter) and very stylish. At the centre of all Scottish Cottages is a luxurious king size bed that’ll give you the best night rest you’ve had since you can remember. Further, all rooms are equipped with an open plan bathroom with an awesome walk-in rain shower. As said, it contains everything to get completely revitalised and prepare you for your next urban adventure.